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History of Supa

Supa is a household name, birthed in 2009 by our Managing Director, Bejay Mulenga as Supa Tuck. Initially, Supa Tuck was created to empower young people by providing alternative education on business and entrepreneurship.

Within three years, the program reached over 5,000 young people across 100 schools. Supa Tuck gave way to Supa Academy, a more comprehensive training programme which featured the world’s first pop-up market.

Partnering with the likes of Facebook, Barclays, River Island, Pepsi and more, Supa Academy‘s pop-up market featured over 500 participants and 5,000 public customers. Out of Supa Academy came Supa Talent in its current form - the leading programme and curriculum designer of the UK. 

Last year alone, we trained over 5,000 young aspiring entrepreneurs and creatives in digital skills. Over the past decade, we’ve created and delivered hundreds of training and programme delivery for organisations, and our mission is to provide transformative, innovative learning experiences for individuals and communities alike. 

Our Mission: Our mission at Supa Network is to provide the most creative and innovative solutions for organisations, whilst creating business opportunities for creatives. We’ve developed accredited courses, provided consulting services and provided hundreds of opportunities to thousands of entrepreneurs and creatives across the United Kingdom.

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