5 Side Hustle Ideas to Make Your Next £1000

Author: Bejay Mulenga, Founder, Supa Network | 4 mins read

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Everyone could do with an extra £1000 each month. 

As of 2018, 20% of people’s income was generated from side hustles and almost two-fifths of UK workers had a side hustle. The sharp increase in job insecurity and rising living costs means that now more than ever, more people are seeking alternative streams of income.

Side hustles are no longer small hobbies and passion projects, but active ways in which individuals can maximise their earnings.

All side hustles detailed can earn you £1000, whether you get that £1000 is down to you, your execution and commitment to it. 

Looking for easy ways to maximise your own earnings and start the process of raking in £1000 a month? Here are some quickfire ways to do just that.

Get Involved in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is defined as the process of earning a commission by promoting other people's (or company's) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.

Examples of some easy affiliate marketing links you can set up today are Amazon Affiliate Program, E Commerce stores (Gumroad and Shopify owners) and Learning Platforms such as Coursera and Teachable.

Here’s a link of the 44 of the highest paying affiliate programs you can sign up to and start earning some side income. The key to making this work is promoting your links far and wide along with stories which are relevant to the links you’re promoting.    

Become a remote Editor/Designer

The rise of digital consumption and demand for content creation means there is now an influx of prospective clients looking for various visual editors to deliver projects.
The way in which people are looking for these visual editors has changed with more people trusting editors they haven’t met face to face, or through recommendations.

A strong portfolio, competitive day rates, testimonials from previous clients and a strong presence on sites such as PeoplePerHour, Fiverr and Upwork will help you expand your client base. 

Teach on Teachable and Fiverr Learn

According to Insider.co.uk, almost a quarter of the UK workforce took the opportunity to learn a new skill during lockdown. Now, whilst lockdown is easing, job insecurity is set to increase as the effects of the recession start to reveal themselves.

A Teachable instructor on average earns $5,426 and on Fiverr is $2000 per month. If you’re an expert in an industry which people crave knowledge on, considering creating your own course and selling it via one of these platforms.

Have a read of this Foundr article on creating your own online course. 

Become a Virtual Assistant

With the launch of many new businesses and the ever changing landscape of work the marketplace for Virtual Assistants is growing as it provides an alternative to hiring a full time PA.

To be a successful Virtual Assistant consider having a look at the most in-demand virtual assistant skills in 2020 and then think about how you could start pitching your skills to others for extra income. 

Create a Pre-Order E-Commerce Store

It’s never been easier to set up an e-commerce store with multiple end-to-end solutions available. The success of your store will be down to your promotion and advertising along with finding a product that you believe in (of course!)

You don’t always have to have your product at hand to start selling, this is where dropshipping comes into play (check out Oberlo) and even better you don’t need to have packaging and fulfilment infrastructure set up; Amazon FBA has you covered. 


Monetising skills and finding ways to make extra cash is more attainable than you think - and there are so many side hustle ideas you can start without money. Remember to stay committed, promote yourself and your services - and don’t forget to use social media. 

Download the Supa Campus free guide '25 Supa Side Hustle Ideas to Start Without Money’ today to spark that passion. 

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