Learning during Remote Working and COVID-19

Author: Renée Kapuku, Creative Digital Programmes Manager, Supa Network | 3 mins read


At Supa, we know that building your skills during the coronavirus outbreak has been difficult. Organisations, brands and companies have mostly made the abrupt switch to remote programmes, accelerators and opportunities. And whilst it’s a lot harder to access many of these things, it’s also hard to keep your business, side hustle or project ticking over when you don’t have a plan or structure.

Learning and developing new skills is key to being successful, and even amidst social distancing measures and remote working, it’s key to make sure this remains the case. Here are some of Supa’s key ways to keep yourself productive and building during these uncertain times.

Write out your goals

The circumstances have switched up - but have your goals? Key to understanding how to structure your acquisition of new skills is to figure out what you want. Perhaps you initially wanted to rapidly test a new product, but coronavirus has meant you need to make the switch to online products. Or maybe the side hustle you had as a photographer has blossomed into a desire to become a graphic designer instead. Wherever you are at, it’s important to reassess and write out the new goals you have for the season. 

Assess which skills need to be improved

Now you know your goals, you need to figure out what skills need to be improved - and exactly how you are going to do it. Perhaps you had the goal to increase impressions on your business website. That means you need to get pretty well acquainted with copywriting and marketing. Or, maybe the move to digital products means you and Photoshop need to get a little bit closer. Identify the specific skills demanded by the goals you have, and this will help you set your learning agenda for the season. 

Set periodic check ins

It’s important to set periodic check-ins to ensure that you are measuring your progress. You may want to assess your progress on a weekly, or even monthly basis to make sure you are getting to a high enough standard of mastery. Testing your new skill ensures that you know you are:

  1. Developing the right skill for the season.
  2. Have evidence you need as to whether you need to continue to pursue mastery.
  3. Actively serving the purpose you need it to.

You can seek feedback from friends, family and clients to see whether your skill in action is getting the response you need. 

Access resources and materials

To support your learning journey, you need resources and materials. At Supa, we’re developing a range of guides and learning material to help you build specific skills, like copywriting and budgeting. You can access these materials through our website, or by signing up to our mailing list so that you know when these are available to access.

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