Overcoming Adversity with Vee Kativhu

Jennifer Hudson
January 10, 2020

In this episode, we sit with Education Youtuber, activist and empowerment advocate Vee Kativhu to dig deeper into the life lessons she learnt through overcoming adversity.

Vee Kativhu - YouTuber

Vee Kativhu is a YouTube visionary, education activist and founder of the initiative, Empowered by Vee. She uses her platform to share tips and advice to help underprivileged and underrepresented people from across the world recognise their own talent and potential. Through transparently sharing her experiences at Oxford and Harvard, Vee has also become a symbol of hope for many young Black women as she shares the story of what it is like to enter non-black spaces and excel in them.

An Oxford graduate of Classical Archaeology and Ancient History, Vee is now studying International Education Policy at Harvard with the hope of becoming a policy advisor for girls’ education in Zimbabwe. Vee has been named a Rare Rising Star, Future Leader, Diversity Champion and LinkedIn Changemaker. She has also been a BBC Teach presenter, TEDx speaker and a University, Empowerment and Academia Content Creator for YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn, achieving many other accolades in the process.

Ever since she set up her YouTube channel, Vee has been blazing a trail ever since, and now has a following of over 169,000. Within her 4,500+-strong Empowered by Vee community, she has also created an annual academic conference that provides skills and tips to students who need support as they make the often-difficult transition from school to university. An inspiration to anyone who has faced adversity and made it through, Vee is a symbol of what it’s like to not only empower yourselves, but those around you too.

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